Spice Rush

Spices are the heart of Indian culinary delicacies, and have been central to its culture for centuries. They transcend time and space – from the royal kitchens of kingdoms, to modern technology-based food delivery apps or the humble home of a farmer – spice is the empress of Indian cuisine.

In telling this tale of tradition, Spice Rush Foods established since 2014, have nourished a long standing relationship with the farming community, as well as catered to the growing need for high quality spices. Spice Rush’s success can be attributed to a consistent assurance of quality, afforded by all.

We believe in empowering the farming community and have carefully optimised our supply chains to enable procurement of freshly harvested spices directly from the grower. Thus, by cutting out middlemen and multiple traders, our practise of short cycle rotation proves to be a key essential in preserving the integrity of our product’s aroma, colour and flavour. Our commitment to providing consumers the finest of spices, masalas and chutney powders will always remain unchanged.